College Life

6 Dorm Must Haves You Might Not Think Of!

First Aid Kit Things I like to add: any personal medication, Ibuprofen, allergy medication, Gas X, Neosporin, and band-aids, (I like getting fun kids ones like Mickey Mouse, cause I am five years old when I do get a cut.), Q-tips, elastic bandage, ice pack, flashlight, etc. I also keep a little nail kit with… Continue reading 6 Dorm Must Haves You Might Not Think Of!


8 Dorm Shopping Mistakes!

Dorms are tiny!¬†Especially if you're sharing your room, cut the size in half. My college dorm rooms are 14x14, which isn't very large for two people-plus all the stuff. You can call your school for the dimensions to make sure you know. Someone told me about an app called Planner 5D, which you can design… Continue reading 8 Dorm Shopping Mistakes!