8 Dorm Shopping Mistakes!

Dorms are tiny! Especially if you're sharing your room, cut the size in half. My college dorm rooms are 14x14, which isn't very large for two people-plus all the stuff. You can call your school for the dimensions to make sure you know. Someone told me about an app called Planner 5D, which you can design… Continue reading 8 Dorm Shopping Mistakes!


Bullet Journal Review!!

So I've been wanting to get a new journal for the new semester. I loved using mine when I went to school before, and I figured it was one of my must-haves for this year as well. The only thing I knew I wanted was one with dots on the page rather than lines (like… Continue reading Bullet Journal Review!!


Shopping for smaller busts: swimwear

Continuing on with my Shopping For Smaller Busts "miniseries" is swimwear! For bras click here! Especially since spring is here and summer are right around the corner! For the most flattering look I look for these in a swimsuit: ruffles halterneck bold prints padding/underwire If you like to experiment: low cut any unique style Try to… Continue reading Shopping for smaller busts: swimwear