Make 9 Review 2018

I had full intentions of making all or most of my items this year. But life gets in the way (and starting a new school), but also I slowly realized I didn’t want to make some of the items I did choose. So I either skipped them or traded them out for something different.

These were my top 9 makes, link here to look at my blog post about them. Then these are the ones I made this year… (only 3!)

I started with the two dresses in the center to make, I loved these patterns but I don’t think I knew what I was getting myself into. Vintage patterns are HARD. They have little instructions and they’re quiet confusing if you’re not an advanced sewer. But I tried and the first one I made was the middle picture (McCalls 6146) I created a sleeveless version and it turned out okay. Everything was perfect but the bust. So I honestly just made it back into a full skirt. (Sorry no pic of that!)

The next dress I made was the picture above that (Simplicity) and honestly I don’t even have it completely finished, it just needs buttons. But here’s the only picture I have of it…

And the last one is my favorite!! I bought that Disney fabric wanting to make some uber cute with it! Decided on a 40s playsuit. I had the shorts already so I just had to make the bra top and the overskirt… which I used the pattern, Simplicity 1426 for the top but for the skirt I made the entire thing just by trial and error. I’m so happy it turned out the way it did!

Then we have two of the patterns I traded out… the blouse pattern and the playsuit. And I’m glad I did! The blouse I chose was a 40s pattern. And the playsuit I made a two piece from a pattern I already owned.

Next year I’ll put more thought into what I have time for and what I need, or I may even just skip a year šŸ˜‰

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