Dangerfield Review!

unnamed (8)

Dangerfield has always been on the top brands that I’ve wanted to try. I found them about two years ago and I’ve been following them on Instagram ever since. They’re a clothing based in Australia, and carry their brand, Princess Highway, Black Friday and  Revival. If you like novelty prints, original designs, and well-made clothing, I highly recommend checking them out. So, the weekend of Black Friday I decided to just go for it. I only got two skirts cause I just wanted to try the brand out (spoiler alert: I’m not disappointed!) and these have been on my wishlist for a while.
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Firstly, the packaging! The skirts were wrapped in tissue paper and a sticker of the Dangerfield logo. With no plastic bag or anything! I was honestly shocked that there wasn’t any. The beret was shipped separately.

unnamed (10).jpg

For sizing, both skirts are XS or size 6 and made by the same brand Revival, and the beret was from Dangerfield brand. I wish I had the original prices, but both skirts are sold out now. When I bought them, the dog skirt was US$28.88, the bunny skirt is US$25.60, and beret was US$12.40 (original price is US$24.58). Shipping was the reason I have always hesitated from buying before it was $18.50. But it showed in about a week which is excellent!

The first skirt I decided was this (kind of) basic skirt with a chihuahua on the hem. And it’s so cute!! It’s all cotton, or close to it, with a soft lining; with a back zipper and button, and pockets! (Sorry the skirt is a little wrinkly cause I literally took it out of the bag and tried it on.)

unnamed (3)unnamed (4)unnamed (9)

The second skirt I got was this uniquely adorable Royal Bunny skirt! It’s more of a structured skirt than the one before, mostly because of the pleats. But still seems to be made from the same cotton fabric and lining. It has the same closure and pockets as well.

unnamed (5)unnamedunnamed (1)1(With a petticoat)

Lastly the beret! Super cute, I haven’t seen anything like this and I love it. They also had a pink/black one but I figured the all black would go with more. I noticed that it also has a tie to help it tighten in the back as well. Very well made.

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