Halloween ideas… Pastel edition

I love both pastel colors and Halloween, why not mix the two?! With these items and ideas, you can create a cute spooky atmosphere in your home!


Rainbow Zombie Hands by Material Gods

image 0
Pastel Spooky sign by Made By Tarn

image 0
Vegan Pumpkin candles by Ember Candle Co.

Mermaid Skeleton Banner by Heart 2 Heart by Helen

image 0
Pastel Skull Wreath by Jujus Glitter Glam


Heart Ribcage T-Shirt by Asterisco Wonderland

image 0
Kawaii Skeleton Catsuit by Badinka

image 0
Graveyard Ghosts Skater Dress by Star Chaser Clothing 

All by Hell Bunny! Found here and here


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