Baby Shower Gift!

So, one of my close friends is having a baby girl! This meant getting a super cute and tiny present for her. I honestly couldn’t decide if I wanted to buy it or make it. I don’t really have the money right now to be buying tons of things, and I thought it would be 10000% better if it were personalized. So, I decided to make bibs and burp clothes! (No mother could have enough of these anyway.) I’ve honestly never made anything baby related, which added to the little pressure that these were a gift.

I decided to make two types of bibs and a burp cloth, I used free patterns for the bibs and the burp cloth was drafted by me:

Bandana Bib (original post) I decided to cut out the smallest dimensions (0-6 months) so she can use it for a drool bib.

Normal Bib (original post)

Burp Cloth dimensions:
11 in x 18 in

I also used terry cloth for the backing for burp cloths and some of the bibs.

Then I went a little ham on cutting lol, I ended up with 3 sets and 3 extra bibs.

I decided to pick a few for this friend and save the rest for the future. Then, it was on to the sewing table! It went fairly well, until sewing the velcro onto the bib with terry cloth…. oh boy was this a pain. Things no one tells you. This took me a couple different techniques and tries, until it was “good enough” and wouldn’t come off from washing and pulling on. Just wasn’t that pretty square with an ‘X’ in the middle that you try to create. That was my only problem with this project, everything else went smooth and stress-free!

So here it is! My baby shower gift, I decided to choose two of the sets, the baby birds, and the pink flannel. As well as another little gift.

This drool bib is not lined with terrycloth since it was thick enough for a little drool.

Just couldn’t help myself when I saw this at Gymboree!! I bought it in size 6-12 months, so she’ll be a little older to wear it.

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