8 Dorm Shopping Mistakes!

  1. Dorms are tiny! Especially if you’re sharing your room, cut the size in half. My college dorm rooms are 14×14, which isn’t very large for two people-plus all the stuff. You can call your school for the dimensions to make sure you know. Someone told me about an app called Planner 5D, which you can design your layout before move-in day!

img_98992. You might already have some of the stuff you’ll need! Check around the house before going out and shopping.

3. Make sure you don’t overshop! Like I said dorms are tiny, there are not many places too put 5 suitcases of clothing. Also, if you are flying, it all has too fit in boxes/suitcases for travel. You also won’t need a 50 pack of pencils.

4. Check the “do not bring list on the school website. Most of these items contain hot plates and open flame items (’cause fires do happen.) Also, most colleges have a kitchen or microwave, so don’t bring one of those.

5. Think through those checklists wisely. Those checklists are everywhere, some colleges even have on for their school. But, you probably don’t need an alarm clock if you have a cell phone, or different furniture like a desk chair-most colleges already provide them.

6. You don’t have to bring EVERYTHING. My first year I wanted to bring all my hobbies and books cause I thought I would need them. Not really. You’ll be busy enough with school, making friends or going out to do too much extra stuff. If you want to bring books, for example, bring a couple and on holidays or when you’re home exchange them for others.

7. I recommend buying school supplies after classes start. Most supply lists are general, and not teacher specific. Also, you probably don’t need a binder and a notebook for every class. I honestly just bought one of those notebooks with 3/5 subjects and then a couple of folders and it worked perfectly for me. (I am not an organized person, especially in the morning before classes.

8. Don’t forget the storage. This was a big one for me, my dorm room never had much storage. I bought rolling drawers- for cleaning supplies and another for undergarments, hangers and other closet organizers, and clear boxes for makeup and my first aid. Also, I found an ottoman with storage on the inside, and if you turn the lid over it becomes a table- super handy for dorm rooms! Like this one.

Studio 3B™ Folding Storage Ottoman with Tray

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