Bullet Journal Review!!

So I’ve been wanting to get a new journal for the new semester. I loved using mine when I went to school before, and I figured it was one of my must-haves for this year as well. The only thing I knew I wanted was one with dots on the page rather than lines (like the old one I had) or just blank.

I did some searching, and the normal journals used for bullet journaling is the Moleskin brand. These run around $18. So I decided to go on to Etsy. Which is the place I go when I’m looking for… well… anything. I found this shop called iulivane Creations, which they make handmade notebooks and bullet journals! And omg I love the designs, so cute! What I really liked about the designs is that they can be completely personalized to your wants. You get to choose what paper options you’d like whether it be dots, lines or blank, and what color you’d like these to be as well. Also, you can double the paper, as well as add dividers to them. These aren’t expensive either, they run around $8.

The only downside is the store is located in the Netherlands, which means shipping is a little on the steep side. Though while I was checking out I realized it would be about the same price as a normal bullet journal, and you get your name added (or whatever you’d like) and a pretty cover! So to me, it was well worth it.

What I chose:

This beautiful blue-flowered journal (Unfortunately it’s not for sale anymore!) It has a clear screen in the front and back so the cover won’t get ruined. I really liked this, since I always leave my journals in the worst places. The cover is

With grey dots on the pages. Yes boring, but I wanted them to be hardly seen through my pages.

I also doubled the pages in my journal. I would recommend this because it starts with 35 pages (70 back/front) and I wanted it to last a little longer than that. It was also only about $3.60 for this add-on.

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