Things To Do The Summer Before University

Get a New Haircut!

New year, new you! Right? Change up your look with a new hairdo! Get a bob, extensions or even highlights, it’s just hair.

Plan Your Dorm Room

This is the best part about moving to a new school, to decorate how your perfect room would look like. And make it happen. After getting your dorm assignment you can usually call the school to ask for the dimensions for most of the rooms to get ideas.

Create College Packing List

There are tons of lists out there for this! But, don’t overbuy it’s better to get stuff later than earlier. I usually like to move into my dorm and then go to Target or Walmart for anything else I need. And don’t forget the essentials like cold medicine and a toothbrush!

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need (Sell, Donate, Trash)

I usually make 3 piles: sell, donate and trash. Though I try to donate most instead of trashing things. Also, start in individual spots like first clothing, then books, knick knacks etc. You’ll see the progress this way and it will be less overwhelming.

Places you can donate to are Savers, a local women’s shelter, resale shops, Red Cross, Donate My Dress (formal dresses), and other local places. (I try to stay away from Goodwill and Salvation Army. Salvation Army doesn’t support LGBTQ and is actually very discriminating towards groups of people. And the owner of Goodwill is actually making more money than you’d think. It’s not a charity shop.)

Go To Local Events and Places

Once you move, you won’t be able to go to them until holidays and summer. Go to museums, the zoo, and events your city has to offer. Do the things that a tourist would do, it will make you look at your hometown in a different view.

Go To Your Favorite Local Resturants

Again. You won’t be able to go to these for awhile. I’m a major foodie, so I know I’ll miss some of my favorite taco places and bars when I leave.

Learn Something New

Whether it’s a new hobby or a life lesson. You won’t believe how many kids don’t know how to do basics like cooking or laundry once you go to school. It’s crazy and I’m thankful for my mom for teaching me early on. But, for those who know all those handy skills, try a new hobby! Painting, knitting, and meditation are great ways to cool down from stressful situations. Or you can start jogging and lifting weights, to get an early start on the freshman 15. It’s up to you, but it definitely helps to do something on those lazy summer days.

Have a Going Away Party with Friends

If you’re graduating from high school, you and your friends can have a going away party before y’all go to college. Have one last Bang before you don’t get to see them as often. I loved having mini parties and sleepovers in high school, and I do miss them incredibly.

Get a Job and save!

Especially if you’re going to be paying for yourself in school. But it’s nice to get extra cash and practice for other jobs. Saving your money is also a valuable skill to have!

Take a Trip

Whether it be with friends or family, take a trip! I personally prefer road trips, and to stop at different weird stops on the way.

Get into a Routine

This is a great habit for when you do go off to school. Even if it’s a basic before bed routine, it still will help you and your body. For example, make a checklist of things to do before bed. Like wash face, brush teeth, put on PJs, pack backpack/lay clothes out for the next day. It could even be a weekly routine, once you start classes you can shift around activities and add classes. This definitely helps if you get overwhelmed or stressed out easily!

Hangout with Family

This seems like a no-brainer, but YOU WILL MISS THEM! I got homesick a lot when I went away. So spending time with them is a must during summer and breaks, for me. Even if it’s just a Netflix movie night on the couch, I still get to be around them.

Create a Memory Box or Scrapbook 

I made a memory box after high school. I filled it with pictures of friends, tickets, dried flowers, and all kinds of other stuff. It’s nice for days when you miss you’re friends or want to look back at some good memories. Scrapbooking is also a great way to do this, in a more organized matter. It’s also a nice way to set your creativity on and create something you’re own way.

2 thoughts on “Things To Do The Summer Before University

  1. I’m far past the college age, but if I could do it all again I’d do a road trip with little planning. Just take the car and drive from one US coast to the other. Maybe 3 weeks? Once kids and jobs happen, this window closes for good.

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