Ultimate List of Student Discounts


The best part about going to school: student discount! When you’re out shopping you can always ask if they have a student discount, most of the times they do! If you shop online more I would sign up for UNiDAYS, which most online retailers go through for student discounts!

*Also little hack: if you’re recently out of school or taking a year off, keep your school ID! You still can use it in-stores!


ASOS– 10% off, full priced items only.

Nasty Gal– 45% off

MissGuided– 30%

TopShop– 10% off

Forever 21– 21%

BooHoo– 10% off

Charlotte Russe– 10% off

Express– 15% off

Kate Spade- 15% off in-store

Eddie Bauer- 15% full price, in-store

Ann Taylor- 15% off, in-store

Banana Republic– 15% off, in-stores only.

J.Crew– 15% off, in-stores only.

Levi’s– 15% off

Pink– 15%

American Eagle/Aerie– 20%


(These vary place to place, don’t be afraid to ask! It’s almost always fast food or places like these.)

Burger King- 10%

Subway- 10%

Qdoba- free drink with a meal, or $5 burrito

Dunkin’ Donuts- 10%

Arby’s- 10%

Taco Bell-10%

Chipotle- Free Drink with a meal

Buffalo Wild Wings- 10%

Papa John’s- 10-20%

Pizza Hut- 10-20%

Dominos- 10-20%

Chick-Fil-A- Free Drink with a meal


Microsoft– 10% off and other discounts

Microsoft office– for free!

Dell– 20% off PCs online and other discounts

Apple– Discounts change throughout the year

Best Buy– Varies Discounts


Amazon Prime– first 6 months free, then 50% off (plus two-day shipping!) You can rent textbooks here too!

Spotify– $4.99/month

Apple Music– $4.99/month

Admissions- most places you go will have a student admission option (i.e movie theatres, zoo, museums)

FedEx– 20-30% savings on shipping

Image is not mine from Pexels

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