OOTD: April 24th

So last minute I found out today was International Lingerie Day. And by now you all know I love me some pretty things haha. I knew I had to do something special for this day. I mostly had to work today, so I didn’t get a chance to wear this out. But it was so much fun to put it together!

While deciding, I didn’t want to be too revealing nor too sexy, since I posted it on my public Instagram. (And my family follow me on it.) But just a little something to celebrate.

Anyway onto the outfit! The faux leather skirt is from Pinup Girl Clothing, and I wish they would bring it back. I LOVE this skirt! It hugs me in all the right places, and I feel like I could be a total heartbreaker in it. Plus even though it’s on the sexier side, it hits my knees, so a perfect pinup length.

As for the top, I’m not exactly sure where I got it. It’s a all lace bodysuit/teddy, with a thong bottom. I have to wear a bra with it or everyone could see my everything haha. But I feel like this addition makes it more dimensional and look better together.

Lastly, my accessories. I just paired this look with some door knocker earrings from Forever 21, that read “Girl Power”. Which adds so much to this outfit, but it’s a small detail. Also, since they are flat and gold, they aren’t as gaudy as you’d think.

Then, we have my black heels, I wasn’t sure if I should’ve worn these or my oxford pumps. But, since these are all black, I thought it went well with everything else to keep the attraction up, rather to my heels. But these are actually from Amazon. I don’t think I can find the seller, ’cause I bought these two years ago and just forgot I had them. (Whoops!) I love this outfit, and how it all came together! Definitely will try to wear this look again. Maybe for a date or girls night!

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