Sewing Room!

I haven’t had a “real” sewing room in about 5 years or so. And what I mean as in real, I’ve been sewing in the dining room and on top of an old sewing table, in the guest room, for those years. After we redid the mud room from storage/my old sewing area to a laundry room, there wasn’t really anywhere else for me to go. Also, I wasn’t planning on coming back and living at home for a year… but now I’ve cleaned out this small nook in my old bedroom, and now it’s my new sewing area! I’m planning to work on a bunch of new and old piles of stuff I’ve been planning on sewing.

I do not have a before picture (thankfully) it was quite messy. I have stored all my sewing stuff as well as my mother put her back recliner in there as well. Not really usable space. More like storage area.

First, I moved that recliner into her room. She can move it back when I leave again. And I cleaned up my projects, into a finish pile, donate and trash.

This is what I had left afterwards. So clean! Also a couple piles here and there.

That rocking chair in the corner, sadly doesn’t rock anymore. But too many memories to part with it, so it’s another surface for storage.

I also organized the drawer containers, there’s two of them stacked up on each other. I had two of the bottom ones for fabric, the next up for patterns, and then sewing help papers, tools, and then notions in the top drawer. The three top drawers are not super full, but I just moved in.

As for some pattern pieces I haven’t put back into their rightful envelopes yet and the patterns I’m working on. Those went into a filing case I had (since I didn’t want to loose them!)

Next I finally brought an old unused desk up from the basement. It has a mid century look to it, which I love, and didn’t mean for everything in my room to be an antique but oh well. It matches at least.

I’m really excited to have a table long enough to be able to do my project next to my machine, rather than the floor or the other room. It’s the little things that matter.

And then I am using this chair we have had that was also being unused! They really don’t make furniture like this beauty anymore.

Lastly, is decorating!! The best and longest part of this project. I still haven’t fully decided what I’m doing. But this is what I’ve got so far.

Both my Gone With The Wind and Breakfast at Tiffanys posters are hung. I’ve had these forever and they’re my favorites. We framed them last year when I moved into my apartment back at school. On the other side, I hung a bulletin board so I can pin inspiration pictures up on it. Like a mini mood board.

This is all I have done so far! I’m very very pleased with it! And will be posting more about my new and done projects in the future!!

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