Self Care Diaries

Self-care is important for everyone. I try to do it once a week but that’s not realistic. But self-care is different for different people, but also it’s different for me too when I have my days. Like some days sewing is my self care, and sometimes it’s binge watching movies, and eating junk food. So, this is what I did today, to help with stress and to relax a bit.

To start off, since it’s been gross and rainy I decided to take a nice bath with some bath bombs. I’ve been using the ones from Me! Bath. They’re minis so I usually have to use two in a bath, but I don’t mind. Mostly cause a pack of 6 is $5, rather than one from Lush for $6.

I combined the two kinds I have into one bag, but I used the pink ones today. I believe the scent is pomegranate. I got these at Target!

After my bath, I took off my makeup from the day. I used these facial wipes I’ve been using.

And afterwards, I washed my face with this whipped soap scrub by Pacha Soap. It has charcoal and lemongrass! I love this stuff. I’ve been using for the past two weeks, and the scrub is excellent but doesn’t irritate my skin a lot. Also, the lemongrass adds a minty feel while washing. I may be a little crazy, but I feel like it’s helping my acne scars. Maybe it’s just me though.

I also love how this company gives after you purchase. Then give to communities that need clean water, careers, education and other services. See more here!

I got into comfy pjs, this top is actually a Wildfox sweater, which I just wear as pjs. Cause they’re super comfortable and soft.

And I turned on Netflix, and started watching Santa Clarita Diet season 2! And that’s all I’ll be doing tonight… yeah loser alert. But it’s sooo good! Who doesn’t love comedies and zombies, also Drew Barrymore!

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