Week of outfits! March 18-24


Today I had a wedding shower to attend. My cousin is getting married in the spring (yay!) so my aunt held a wedding shower for his fiancée, and oh my goodness it was so well done! Food was delicious, the cake was beautiful and it was all around a good time.

As for what I wore today, I believe it’s either the 50s or 60s vintage Chinese dress. So yes it’s real silk. And it is so gorgeous! I never thought I’d own a Chinese dress (mostly since I’m always worried about being disrespectful to another culture) but I’m really happy I finally do.

I paired it with a wedge sandal I’ve had for a couple years, they might be from Macy’s or something. I didn’t have any other accessories with this outfit, I wanted the dress to stand out than anything.


Today was my day off, I mostly just wore PJs around the house. Nothing to share. Sorry.


Today I worked, so just a black and white outfit! We have a strict dress code, so be prepared to see a lot of black and white.

The pants I’m wearing are from Tiger Milly, which I’ve mentioned before here, but the brand is Banned Apparel. I LOVE this pants. They’re my favorite ones I own, and I’m really not a fan of pants, I prefer skirts and dresses. They’re a wide leg so they aren’t too fitted. (They’re also a little large for me and supposed to fit my waist.

I’m also wearing a black undershirt and a cardigan. I’m not exactly sure where I got this from, probably target or some other store similar.

The shoes I’m wearing are Ann Klein Sport wedged heels, these are the shoes I wear the most (since I do wear them almost every day) they’re really comfortable shoes. Especially since I’m standing and/or walking around all day. I love these shoes.

Lastly accessories. Not a big fan of them, but I did get this locket from Forever 21, and it’s one of my most used pieces of jewelry. And today I wore red lipstick from Colourpop, my favorite place to get lipsticks, in the shade ‘Frenchie’. (Whoops! Forgot to take a picture showing it. It’s a bright red!

I did go out tonight as well, I went to a bar downtown for trivia night! And since it is the first day of spring, might as well go all out!

I bought this floral dress from Amazon, believe it or not. Though when I bought it, I did have to alter the bust area (way too big!). But I love the print on here, pinks, greens and with a navy background!

I paired it with a tutu skirt, that’s light pink, from Charlotte Russe. I like this better than a petticoat, I think the waistband is comfier. As well as those hot pink wedges that I got from Nordstrom. The brand is Vaneli And lastly another lippie stick from Colourpop in the shade ‘I ❤ This’.


Another black and white (or ivory today) outfit. It’s what I mostly wear on a weekly basis. Went shopping earlier (thinking of doing a haul of what I’ve gotten lately 🤔) and then worked the closing shift.

The top I’m wearing is actually a buttoned-up cardigan, tucked in. It’s from H&M and has lasted me quite awhile! As for the skirt, it is a 1950s quilted skirt and I want more of them! They’re like wearing a blanket, so warm and soft. And in my dress code which is awesome! The skirt does have a couple pink stains on it from the previous owner, but I don’t really care honestly. Lastly, I’m wearing the locket from Forever 21, the one I wore yesterday.


I’ve been in my work clothing most of today, so only one outfit through the day! Once I got home and we decided to go out to eat I did change my shoes to these beauties by B.A.I.T. footwear. They’re red and cream oxford heels, and I love them! And yes I am wearing giraffe socks, cause I didn’t really care at that point in my day.

As for the outfit I have one, it’s inspired by Dior’s New Look. The top is by Collectif and is their Phoebe top. It’s usually worn with a tie that came with the top, but I like it better with one of my belts. I really didn’t think I’d like peplum tops, but I don’t think I’d like this top as much without one! I wore my A-line skirt from, believe it or not, but, Windsor. I never thought they would carry something like that. But, it’s my go-to work skirt. Then I just wore my Anne Klein heels while at work.


Happy Friday! And it was my day off too! Double whammy. Went to pick up my aunt from the airport with my mom, then we did a little shopping and had lunch. Not too crazy, but definitely was nice to get out. Also, a no make-up day. I had to let my face rest a little ’cause I wear it every day to work or going out.

I call this outfit: Hand-Me-Down Heaven. I’ve been dying to wear these bottoms out. I actually found them in my mom’s closet and they are a size large, but they have a drawstring and I can make them fit my waist! They are so groovy and back in style as well, with the paper bag waist and the wide legs. But, to me, they’re the perfect going out pants since they aren’t fitted and they’re super comfy! I paired it with this t-shirt, which used to be my sister’s. It says “Miss Scarlet in the hall with the revolver”, yes that is a Clue the board game reference! And lastly, just my wedge heel sandals to add a little height as well as add to the 70s look.


I got to sleep in and then started my day being lazy. Which is the best way to start a Saturday, and the worst way to end it was working. Which is what I did. Oh well, wasn’t too busy, but not dreadfully slow. But at least for days like this, I get to dress cuter to feel cute as well. I went with my Pin-up Girl Clothing zebra top. I love this top and wish I bought more variations of it. But, it makes my girls look a little bigger than they are, which is a good thing when you’re flat. And I paired it with my pants I wore earlier in this week by Banned Apparel, which I also should buy more of. Lastly, I paired them with my Anne Klein shoes and a liquid lipstick by Sephora’s brand in the color ‘Vintage Rosewood’.

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