Patched Jean Jacket

IntroI've been wanting a patched jean jacket for a while now. I'm very picky about what I'd want on it, and I've always thought I would want it to say something to people that I believe in or shows my personality more. (Cause I guess I don't show that enough with my normal clothes.) So lately… Continue reading Patched Jean Jacket


Week of outfits! March 18-24

Sunday Today I had a wedding shower to attend. My cousin is getting married in the spring (yay!) so my aunt held a wedding shower for his fiancée, and oh my goodness it was so well done! Food was delicious, the cake was beautiful and it was all around a good time. As for what… Continue reading Week of outfits! March 18-24


How to Check If Your Bra is Fitting Properly

I've been working in a lingerie store for almost a year now, and I've come to learn so many tips on how to fit bras properly. We get a large range of sizes of women to get themselves fitted. But, all bras are fitted the same. And everyone has troubles with fitting in bras. If… Continue reading How to Check If Your Bra is Fitting Properly