Fabletics Review

I purchased my first set of activewear from Fabletics! I can tell you right off the bat, I am NOT an exercise type of girl. But, I am not the type of girl to wear leggings out in public either. Honestly, the reason I bought them was to try and see if they even could fit me, I liked them, and…. maybe the guy I was dating at the time had some effect on it too. (He wanted to take me to the gym and show me how to use everything, like a gym date, but that relationship didn’t work out *pun not intended.*)

But, anyway on to the leggings. I used on of their first time VIP deals, I believe it was an outfit, bra and leggings, for $24. Regular monthly VIP subscription is about $50. The pair of leggings and sports bra I purchased were the High-Waisted Mesh PowerHold Legging and Maeve Reversible Sports Bra. The pattern I purchased is sold out though! I did follow their size chart and bought an XXS in both items, and a tall in the leggings as well. But, when I received them the leggings were wayy too tight. At first, I thought they were supposed to fit like that. I’ve never had leggings before how should I know. Then a friend told me they “are supposed to fit as comfortable as possible”. Which helped more, though still doubtful since I’m not a huge fan of pants. So I exchanged the bottoms for the next size up, which added more waiting, but still really wanted to try activewear. So, I waited yet again and they came! It took a bit till I actually wore them but today I did. And I’m very pleased with it!! This set is so darling! I love the different colors and the mesh panels. Very high fashion for an affordable price.

The only real exercise I actually do and don’t mind as much is walking/running my dogs. And I definitely love running in the leggings and they’re much more comfortable more than I thought I’d like them! The top of the waistband is supposed to be “max compression”, but I don’t really feel it-even though I don’t need compression anyway. The waist is just the loosest part of the leggings to me, I figured it was gonna be the tightest. The length of the tall is perfect, I’ve always struggled with that so it’s amazing when I find something like that! Also, I did get the forbidden camel toe… So that’s a thing as well. But, I feel like anything with a seam right there will create a little something lol

Fit: 4.5/5 (It’s just the top of the waistband)
Look: 5/5
Comfort: 4/5 (I don’t wear pants all that much, so it’s fine out running but I personally wouldn’t want to lounge in them. They’d be a 5 otherwise)
Quality: 5/5

Back view, from the website

These sports bra is just like any other, since I don’t really have boobs, but it’s more for the look than running. I feel it a little more than my other sports bras when I run, it’s also a low impact bra anyways so I don’t mind it as much. It’s more from that strappy back than the support I feel like.I really like how this sports bra is reversible, so you can either wear it with the pattern, like I am or that pinky nude the model has.

Fit: 5/5
Support: 3/5 (But it is a light support!)
Quality: 5/5
*Though I haven’t washed any of the items yet, I’ll let you know what happens. Quality may or may not change. Who knows.

Links for the items:
Sports bra

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