OOTD: February 12th

Since I’ll be working Valentine’s Day-we have a strict black/white only uniform-I decided to wear something more sweet today!

Something very sweet! Got inspiration by mixing both pinup and lolita style together! I’ve surprisingly haven’t done this yet, though it is just so darn cute! The dress is actually the only vintage reproduction item I am wearing today. Everything else is inspired by the Japanese style, lolita.

Also I’m glad it wasn’t too cold today-only about 40- since we are still in the middle of winter and I throw out this more spring outfit. I guess you could guess I’m over winter by now. Also sorry I did forget to iron my dress today…. instant regret.

Anyway let’s get into the details! The dress I’m wearing is from the brand Hell Bunny I believe it’s a 2016 design gotten off Tiger Milly. Including kittens and hearts all over the baby blue dress. This dress also has straps in the back where you can criss-cross or adjust the height to them. As well as a ruched sweetheart neckline.

The top I’m wearing underneath, is actually a school uniform shirt from the kids section. I’ve realized it’s pretty hard to find short-sleeved blouses, so I just picked on up from Target before school started. I guess there are pros and cons to being tiny enough to fit into children’s clothes.

Next we have my shoes! I love my clear jelly shoes, I don’t care that I’m probably too old for them. You can see what socks I’m wearing as well as add something different to an outfit. Though the only thing with jelly shoes you should keep in mind, is I don’t wear mine without socks! Blister alert! So I wore pink frilly socks with mine today! Both the socks and shoes are from Amazon.

Link to shoes

Link to similar socks

Last but not least, we have my bow I wore. Bought this from Forever 21 a couple years ago. Perfect thing to add just a little more pink into my outfit!

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