Books Series That Are 10x Better Than Fifty Shades

It’s that time again when another Fifty Shades movie comes out, and people obsess. And I’m over in the corner dreading it. Yes, I’ve seen the first movie and read all the books (except Grey). And once I actually was one of those girls… when I didn’t exactly know what I was reading. I realized when I reread it how awful it was, especially a series so popular. There are many other reasons why I dislike this series so much, the fact she’s pretty much forced into something she’s not really into, he ignores her when she tells him no, the fact you need a lot of communication to do that kind of “play”, but more importantly the fact that young girls can just rent this movie and think this is a normal healthy relationship.

But, this isn’t a review about my distaste in these novels, I’m gonna tell you all about my favorite alternatives that are overall just great books. (As I keep looking down at my beautiful collection besides me). Most of these series are nothing like Fifty Shades, but if you’re anything like me you can’t resist an amazingly hot book. Which these are. Most of them I didn’t put them down until I was done reading them. I would highly recommend all these novels, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask down in the comments! Yes I know I am not the greatest at book reviews, don’t exactly remember doing these things in school *ah-hem* If you’re intested in any of these- look them up!
Side note: listening to these books is a fantastic idea! I get my novels off of Audible and listening to them in bed or while I’m just lounging around.


The Fixed Trilogy by Laurelin Paige
Fixed on You, Found in You, Forever with You

This series is quite interesting because instead of the man becoming “stalkerish”, it is actually the main woman. Though this isn’t completely true. Alayna has obsessive love disorder which gets out of hand whenever she falls in love with a man she can’t have. She goes to group therapy and knows her signs to where she may have tendencies.  She’s even cut some people out of her life because of this disorder, one of them being her brother Brian- who also threatened to remove himself as well. Though, she doesn’t realize what she gets herself into when she meets Hudson, her new boss. He’s rich, gorgeous and smart, and amazing in the bedroom. She realizes she can’t get away from him and has to learn if it’s her disorder or if it’s real love.

I loved this book when I listened to it the first time, and actually, after that, I bought the whole series since I knew I’d read it over-and-over again. They both have dark pasts that they try to conquer through the series together. And yes it is quite hard to read sometimes since Alayna has her disorder. But it’s one of those books that you know that he’s just as interested in her as she is with him. And not in a “just sexual way” But would 10/10 recommend. It’s really not one you can compare to Fifty Shades since it has such a different storyline to the poor girl and the rich hot guy she falls in love with. The characters storylines are complex like Laurelin Page took time to set up who her characters wanted to be.


Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day
Bared to You, Reflected in You, Entwined with You, Captivated by You, One with You

So this series takes place with Eva, who is living in NYC with her bisexual roommate Cary (he’s one of my favorite non-main character in all these novels), starting her new job at The Crossfire. She meets Gideon Cross, billionaire, playboy and the owner of the Crossfire, after a work presentation. Throughout the beginning of the novel, she repeatedly runs into Gideon, and he requests for a sex-only relationship. She agrees only on the terms that they can also have a non-sexual relationship as well, since she is more interested in connection than sex. They both agree and end up with them sleeping together. There’s a lot of steamy sex sessions between these two throughout the novel. As well as the drama between other girls and Eva with her overprotective mother.

Things to note before reading these novels- both of them are survivors of sexual child abuse, this novel does have a dark side, and some parts are really hard to read; though it also has a sweet side to it. There is A LOT of hesitation with these two which is just frustrating me most of the time, like stay together or don’t, but you still want them to end up together.This series is probably the most “like” Fifty Shades, though I don’t exactly like comparing the two. Why I say this is because the bases of the two are both couples are with troubled pasts and it does get frustrating at times, and Gideon is a rich “stalker” (as in he tries to see her as much as possible “on accident” in the beginning of the novel) just like Grey does. But, the biggest difference is that in Crossfire the sex is how things are in a normal relationship, Eva does leave him and he comes back to her. She’s so much stronger of a character than Anastasia. And that’s why I recommend this more than Fifty Shades.


The Submissive Series by Tara Sue Me
The Submissive, The Dominant, The Training, The Enticement, The Collar, The Exhibitionist

Confession, I haven’t read this full series, there are more- about 5 more novels- but I can’t say much since these are the only ones I’ve read. These 6 are about the relationship between Abby and Nathaniel, and I chose not to read the others. But, if you like the sub/dom that Fifty Shades has then this one is for you. But, it’s a more realistic version of the BDSM community. With like communication, rules, and understanding- which Fifty Shades didn’t have…

These six novels revolve around Nathaniel West and Abby King. Nathaniel being a CEO of West Industries and a dominant looking for a new submissive. And Abby, the librarian who has a secret to being a submissive. She has a trial run through a weekend and realizes this is what she needs, even though Nathaniel is distant. The rest of the first novel is about Abby becoming his, and soon realizing she’s falling for her new master. The rest of the novels are about their relationship from both her and Nathaniel’s point of view.


 Beautiful Series by Christina Lauren
Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Stranger, Beautiful Bitch, Beautiful Bombshell, Beautiful Player, Beautiful Beginning, Beautiful Beloved 
(Boss), Beautiful Secret

Overall I just love Christina Lauren as an author-well authors Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings. Their female characters are really relatable, which I believe makes a great book and you can become instantly hooked. Also, with this series, you can read them individually or read them in order. Which I didn’t learn until recently. Though there are books-novellas-that go between the main novels, these books are like 1.5 and feature a woman on the cover instead of a man. Kind of confusing, but good to know. This series is definitely one of my all-time favorites, started my love for these authors. I personally prefer the novels, rather than the novellas. From that I don’t really have a favorite, they’re all hot individually!

  • Beautiful Bastard– Chloe who is an intern, who works for her boss, Bennett. These two are constantly arguing and don’t get along much until they stay late to work on an important account. Which ends in sex, very aggressive passionate sex. One of many times in the office.
  • Beautiful Stranger– revolves around Sara who leaves a cheating ex, moves to New York, and meets Max for a sexy one-night stand. Max is a wall street player, who later realizes his obsession with Sara and wants her for a couple flings-and to experiment with her exhibition side to her.
  • Beautiful Bitch (novella)- goes back to couple Chloe and Bennett (book 1). Chloe’s career starts, but Bennett wants her to himself again. Resulting in him taking Chloe to a French Villa for a “relaxing” yet steamy vacation.
  • Beautiful Bombshell (novella)- Bennett’s friends take him to Vegas, for Bennett’s bachelor party, but the guys weekend doesn’t go as planned. Bennett and his friend, Max, try to sneak their girls, Chloe and Sara into the weekend fun.
  • Beautiful Player– features Hanna who has been pestered by her brother that she doesn’t have a life outside of grad school. Until she invites her brother’s playboy friend, Will, to hang out to ask him questions about the casual dating life. He unwillingly agrees to become her “dating coach”. And helps her get her life back and a new man in her life.
  • Beautiful Beginning (novella)- is all about Chloe and Bennett’s wedding! This novella features Will, Hanna, Sara and Max- who are expecting their first child together!
  • Beautiful Beloved (Boss) (novella)- revolves around Will and Hanna after their marriage, other decisions need to be made. Hanna starts to get job offers, and she starts having troubles of what she wants to do.
  • Beautiful Secret- Ruby is an American intern at a London firm when her boss tells her she’ll be going on an extended trip with Niall, the firm’s executive. Aka her huge crush. Though he doesn’t know who she is until the flirty flight to New York, and the months away from London.


The Wild Season Series by Christina Lauren
Sweet Filthy Boy, Dirty Rowdy Thing, Dark Wild Night, Wicked Sexy Liar

Though I haven’t read all four of these novels, so you just have to take my advice for them. But, I seriously read, or rather listened, to the first book Sweet Filthy Boy within 2 nights. So with this series, you do have to read them in order, unlike the Beautiful series. But, each book revolves around different characters and all the characters overlap in each book. Also, this series is the least “steamy” out of all these series in this list, yet it is still one of those you gotta take a chance on. My favorite is definitely Dirty Rowdy Thing, probably the steamiest in this series, though Sweet Filthy Boy makes my heart melt cause Ansel is a sweetheart.

  •  Sweet Filthy Boy- Starts off the whole series, Mia, Harlow, and Lola all graduate from college and head up to Vegas for one last wild weekend. One day into their trip they met three friends, Ansel, Finn, and Oliver; and one thing leads to another and they all have a drunken fun night together. Until, the next morning realizing they’ve married each other, Ansel and Mia, Harlow and Finn, and Lola and Oliver. Four of them do get annulled after that, though Ansel and Mia try to make their marriage work throughout the first book when Mia moves to France with Ansel.
  • Dirty Rowdy Thing- Finn visits Harlow in San Deigo for a business trip, and to see Oliver’s new comic book store opening. Harlow isn’t the type of girl to settle down, so they end up having a lot of steamy hookup sessions while he’s in town. Though Finn stays in town longer than anyone anticipated.
  • Dark Wild Night- While in Vegas, Lola and Oliver became friends instead of intimate, and after their annulment, they stayed friends. In Dirty Rowdy Thing, Oliver started falling for Lola, and in this novel, it grows more intense. But, her career as a graphic novelist is taking full force and doesn’t realize his feelings. These two always seemed like they were going to be the ones who actually belonged together- the graphic novelist and the comic book store owner.
  • Wicked Sexy Liar- Features London, Lola’s roommate from the previous books. She ends up having a one night stand with Luke, Mia’s ex-boyfriend, and a major player. Which is a nightmare altogether, drama plus sexy is always a great combination for erotica.


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  1. “don’t exactly remember doing these things in school *ah-hem*”

    LMAOOOOOO if this ain’t me! I just copied reviews straight from reference books and cross my fingers it doesn’t get detected for plagiarism. Also, great post! I’ll go ahead and put The Fixed Trilogy on my growing TBR shelf!

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