My Favorite Online Stores To Shop At!

I’ve realized I have quite an unique taste in clothing, compared to other girls my age. So I thought I should share some online stores I shop at. Though lately, I have almost (I still get accessories) stopped shopping at stores like Forever 21, H&M, and other clothing stores like those. It was hard to do at first, but since then I’ve seen how much better my quality of clothes is than before. Also, I really hate supporting places that have cheap labor in other parts of the world. So yes, most of these clothing stores are not cheap, but they are worth it if you love the items you get. The sale section is my best friend! I always wait till most items go on sale or wait till the company has a sale.
Size wise: yes I am pretty slim and tall so I won’t have very many plus size stores on here (some of these have a plus-sized section, yay!) Lastly, all of these are all online! There may be some physical stores around the country, but I shop online.
Most images are of me from my Instagram: @femininefables. If not they’re linked!
So on that note… Let’s get into them!

My favorite place to get vintage clothing! Everything you could ever want is at your fingertips, it’s a blessing and a sin- since I do want all of it. But, I have noticed I’m much more thoughtful through the purchase through Etsy than a reproduction store. I haven’t really figured out why, but my bank account thanks me for it. But, the purchases I have made have been more than well worth it! 🙂 One thing to keep in mind is that vintage sizing is different than now!! 1950s clothing is about 8 sizes bigger, so a 10 is technically a size 2. Just be sure to look at the measurements given or request for them.

Both skirts are from Etsy!

Pinup Girl Clothing
Obviously, this store has more “pin-up” clothing or vintage reproduction clothing. Pinup Girl is probably one of the more well-known stores for repro but it is for good reasons. Yes, it’s on the pricey side, the clothing here is between $30-200. But they have sizes XS-4X, petites, and talls! Their clothing is all made in the USA and is a women-owned company! I usually wait for a big sale or go to their sale section to find my clothing.
Brands: Laura Byrnes, Traci Lords, Pinup Couture, Dixiefried Clothing

Both top and skirt from PinupGirl

I got this dress for $35!!!

Tiger Milly
I found this site Black Friday of 2016, and it was the greatest find for vintage reproduction. So, pretty much Tiger Milly is a marketplace for different stores to sell either their designs or other brands. The website itself is set up like a normal site, though it has a tab for “marketplace” which is people’s stores, and “brands” which is different brands. I’ve boughten two hauls from here, and most things were true to size. But, it is just like shopping at any other store. It is a UK store, but does ship a lot quicker than you’d think; my last purchase took about  9 days.
Brands: Hell Bunny, Chi Chi London, Banned Apparel, Collectif, Dolly & Dotty

This dress is Hell Bunny
Both from Tiger Milly, Top is Hell Bunny, Bottoms are Banned Apparel

Lindy Bop
Lindy bop was the first retro store I ever shopped at! Their prices are affordable and their clothing is really well made. Some of the clothes are made in Britain too! I prefer their cotton dresses over their polyester but that’s mostly my personal preference. This store is perfect if you love novelty prints and just getting into vintage fashion. It has sizes from U.K. 6-28! Or xs-6/7xl!! Which is amazing! My favorite pieces to get here are their shorts or capris when it gets a little warmer, I wish I bought more before cause I just have two pairs.
Brands: Lindy Bop mostly
Accessory Brands: Santoro, Joe Browns, Punky Pins, Disaster Designs

Favorite Shorts ever!

Skirt is from here. It has kittens and yarn all over it!!

Unique Vintage
This is like the Modcloth of vintage reproduction clothing. It has everything you’d need, with tons of different brands and companies. Even though they’re a little expensive, it’s definitely worth it. They carry eras from the 20s-70s, as well as a couple more modern pieces and prom dresses. Sizes ranging from xs-4x. Also, I learned recently they do carry men’s clothing as well! I’ve only bought from here once, but I love to scroll through and see what they have once in awhile.
Brands: Unique Vintage brand, Banned Apparel, Hell Bunny, Stop Staring, The Pretty Dress Company, Voodoo Vixen

(My dogs like to be in pictures too) Top is from here. Skirt is actually from Lindy Bop

Dolls Kill
This store is pretty interesting if you’re not exposed to street fashion. I mostly love to scroll through the categories and look at all the unique items most places don’t carry, there are a lot of different indie brands on this website. Most of the items they do carry are more on the alternative side of fashion, like goth, punk, festival and sweet style. Sometimes I do wish I had the guts to wear some of their clothing. It’s just a “tad” bit out of my comfort zone. Size chart is limited on this site, just to let you know, most items are only sized from small-large, which makes me kinda bleh. If I buy from here it’s usually lingerie or makeup. That’s why there is not pics of me!
Brands: Lazy Oaf, Sugar Thrillz, Y.R.U., Wild Fox Couture, Club Exx, Iron Fist, Dr. Martens, Motel

Check Up On It Dress

Studded Criss-Cross Platforms

Asos is my go-to store to see new trends and in-season fashion. They also have some pretty bizarre items too. Honestly, I’ve boughten most of my lingerie/swimsuits from here, just because they actually carry my size. And speaking of size, they have everything! From US 00-26 and cup sizes 30A-44L, and talls, petites, regular, plus and maternity!! It’s really cool to see. Their prices also have a wide range too, from items as cheap as $7 to as much as $800. This is my most recommended store for people, just because they do have everything.
Brands: ASOS brand, Boohoo, Adidas, All Saints, Ted Baker, River Island, Boux Avenue

Favorite heels I own, from Asos Brand!

Cropped Wide Leg Pant

Miss Guided
I love Miss Guided for all my twenty-something clothing. Perfect place for going out clothing and trendy clothing. They have a lot of trendy basics, like items that are easily paired with a pair of jeans or a t-shirt. But, they also have clothing that is just the attention-grabbing item that you need in an outfit. It’s the place to go if you’re just getting into fashion and new trends. Most items are pretty affordable or you can wait till they have a great sale, which is usually once a month or so. Like right now there’s a 50% off sale!! As for sizing, they carry petite, tall, straight and plus, from 0-20 sizing.
Brands: Missguided brand mostly, but they have collabs with different designers!

Set is from here

The jumpsuit is from here. I think the shoes are from ASOS

Purple Cape Blazer

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